Welcome to Clark Financial Planning.

I answer your questions using your data and your goals.

I understand the challenges and confusion people experience when faced with planning for their financial future. Everyone asks the questions listed below, they just don’t know where to get the right answers.

When can I retire?

Am I paying too much in fees?


Should I file for Social Security?

What happens to my family if I die?

Who I help

I help those who seek to help themselves.

Effective planning is an evolving and ongoing process constantly adapting to your circumstances and life events. It takes work but the outcome can be very rewarding.

What do our clients look like?

Our client base is intentionally small and exclusive possessing a desire for a high touch, high service relationship with their advisor.

I specialize in helping those who are:
  • Retired or find themselves later in their careers.
  • Ready to make positive changes for their families.
  • Proactive and willing to learn.
  • Genuinely nice people looking for a trustworthy financial advocate.

Andrew E. Clark, MS, CFP

Welcome to a better way.

When looking for a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional, you need to work with someone you can trust. Trust does not come from reviewing a website or reading a LinkedIn biography. Set up a call with me and together we will discuss your goals, your current situation, and navigate through these uncertain times.

How I work.

There are 60+ steps in my planning process, but it boils down to:


Most people ‘don’t know what they don’t know.’ To start, I talk through your money worries, biases & heuristics to identify where to focus our analysis.


Next, I crunch the numbers and build a strategy to address your biggest risks and concerns.


With my help, you make the changes you are seeking to improve your family’s financial situation.

See changes

I monitor and adapt to life as it unfolds

With respect to each individual and family, I appreciate your trust and your business.

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